Derek Rivchin

Meet Guides Derek, Stan and Ryan

Meet The Best Arizona Fishing Guides, Derek, Stan and Ryan

Have your grand Phoenix fishing experience with Lo Water Guide Service and team up with Derek Rivchin, Stanton Lewis and Pro Guide Ryan.

Phoenix is filled with hundreds of miles of canals and many reservoirs but not all of it is prime fishing spots so this is where your guide’s local knowledge comes in. Derek is one of the few guides born in Phonix Arizona that was raised on local lakes. He started fishing at a very young age. As a kid, he would get really curious about fishing techniques, fish patterns, and seasonality as well as where the best fishing spots are depending on target species. He has spent a lot of time trying to learn everything that an expert angler should know. He’d fish and try different baits, gears, and styles to improve his angling skills and to discover more about it. He then started fly fishing in the year 2013 and this is where it all started—he uncovered his love for Carp fishing. Since then, he has specialized and developed his expertise for this particular species which is known to be undoubtedly challenging to catch. According to Derek, he joined a local legend who got him into a Carp, and from that day forward, he has become 100% addicted to it. 

Prior to Carp, he has already established his expertise in Trout fishing but at some point, he says that it became a little bit exhausting for him due to the long driving hours spent. He is the type of guide who would scout fish daily to ensure that he and his guests would get as many shots as possible. He is honest to say that not every day is a perfect day of fishing but he does everything to make “a great catch” happen.

He believes that the fish are smart and to increase success, anglers should be very efficient at casting 60’ fast, must maintain good line management, and must bear in mind that accuracy also plays a huge role. When you join him on a trip, you’d notice that he is a very encouraging guide who motivates everyone, especially the novices. He’d be sharing all his experiences about fishing in phoenix, he will give you relevant tips and tricks until you hook and land your once-in-a-lifetime fish.

Boat Details:

Hop aboard his 16’ Aluminum Jon Skiff boat powered by a 60 HP Mercury engine and can comfortably accommodate up to 4 guests. This fishing machine was specially designed for navigating Arizona’s shallow waters. It comes equipped with advanced fishing technology and all the gear you need.

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What to expect:

Our trips all have flexibility, We will offer your our advice for start times based on fishing.

We will reach out prior to the trip with a meeting location. Some trips may move to multiple areas to greater improve catching success.

We will start with warm-up casts and go over the fundamentals of catching fish. Then you're fishing. If we see something, we will give constructive tips.

Please, listen and ask questions if you don't understand. We want you to catch fish just as much as you do.

Any knots or fly swaps will be done by us so you can just focus on the fish.

We carry water with us and will carry any snack or other drinks you have. No glass.

Once the trip is close to finished, we will recap and I will collect some information.

We provide a no-stress environment and want to make lifelong anglers. We want to make it a fun experience for all skill levels.

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