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Todd Zwiaska

May 29, 2023

I fished with Derek a few weeks ago and had a blast. I did the walking canal carp fishing in Phoenix and it was very entertaining trying to get my cast in the right spot to get them to eat. If I am in the area again I would 100% do it again. 10/10 

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Jacob Fraser

May 25, 2023

Great day out on the flats! Derek is very professional, knowledgeable, and hard working and got us onto the carp. Saw tons of fish, birds, burros, and all that sonoran scenery. This was our first time fishing in Arizona and our first time targeting carp. Stalking the flats by poling skiff is a great way to chase these fish! 10 out of 10 will be going again.

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Marcus Yoo

May 8, 2023

I went with Hugo who was my guide and he put me on the targeted fish species: Gila Trout. He knew which flies to use and which techniques worked best on catching these fish. Hugo said that usually clients catch 3 Gila Trout but I caught 9 before it got too crowded. So that shows that listening to the guide works!

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Ian Peyton

March 27, 2023

Had a great day, tons of shots! Ryan had a good program, would recommend it! Ian

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Jake Burke

January 22, 2023

Highly recommend! Derek is a great guide and a wealth of knowledge. 

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Ray Bailey

October 23, 2022

I always use a guide when I travel around the country. I must say Derek was one of the best that I've worked with! I've always wanted to catch carp on a fly. Derek put me on fish quickly and I landed some beautiful and large carp. Derek was very professional. I've been fly fishing for a long time but needed to make some adjustments to catch these fish. Derek provided just the right amount of advice and successfully corrected my backcast and hook set. I highly recommend Derek. If you visit AZ and want to get some time on the water you must give Derek a call!

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Rick Federico

October 21, 2022

It was my first time fishing out canals and had a great time.  Grass Carp are fun and good sized.  Derek was an awesome guide and I look forward to fishing with him again.

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Geoff Schultz

September 19, 2022

We had a great time with Derek and would definitely go fishing with him again.

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Charles Haskins

August 1, 2022

It was a blast can’t wait to go again, Thanks Derek

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Jim Weatherwax

June 24, 2022

Got to fish the canals with Ryan after work.  Had to take a pause and a beverage as a big storm blew over then back tonthe water.  Tons of fun, these fish are a blast to chase and Derek and his team are all top notch!!

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John Pollard

June 13, 2022

Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend. 

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Dito Ladd

May 26, 2022

Did what a guide does....put me on the fish. Good day. Would recommend Derek for a great day fishin' and more importantly......catchin'!!

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Austin Neilan

March 3, 2022

Derek was a great guide. Very knowledgeable about the local fisheries. Good communication is a must for me when hiring a guide and Derek was above and beyond others I've hired before. Very cool and unique fishing, great late winter get away to Phoenix and I'll be back. Super cool logo too

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Jacques Fiechter

March 3, 2022

I had thought of myself as a competent fly fisherman until I had a few solo sessions with Arizona canal carp. I was frustrated in the extreme and sought professional help! Derek saved my ego with two excellent trips. Not only did he put me on feeding fish but he coached my moves to actually net a beauty after I had missed many takes. I lookfoward to my next outing with him.

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March 3, 2022

Derek is a very knowledgeable guide. We had a great day on the canals sight fishing for grass carp. I will definitely give Lo Water Guide a shout out whenever I am in the PHX area! Thanks for the enjoyable afternoon chasing carp!!

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