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Published On: January 18, 2024Fishing

Why is Phoenix, Arizona quickly becoming a fly fishing destination?

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Why is Phoenix, Arizona quickly becoming a fly fishing destination? Lo Water Guide Service - Phoenix, AZ

Why is Phoenix, Arizona quickly becoming a fly fishing destination?

While Phoenix might not be the first place that comes to mind for fly fishing, it's true that the city is attracting more and more fly fishing enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why:

Diverse and accessible fishing opportunities:

  • Mountain streams: Just a short drive from Phoenix, the Mogollon Rim and White Mountains offer cool, high-elevation streams teeming with trout,including Apache, rainbow, brown, and brook trout. These streams provide classic fly fishing experiences with stunning scenery.
  • Desert reservoirs: Several reservoirs within an hour or two of Phoenix, like Roosevelt Lake and Bartlett Lake, hold largemouth bass, smallmouth bass,crappie, and catfish. These offer warm-water fly fishing opportunities and stunning desert landscapes.
  • Urban fisheries: Even within Phoenix itself, canals and ponds like the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club's ponds offer fishing for carp, tilapia, and bass,providing convenient urban fly fishing options.

Year-round fishing season:

  • Mild winters: Unlike many northern fly fishing destinations, Phoenix enjoys mild winters with average temperatures in the 60s and 70s. This allows for year-round fishing, making it attractive to anglers escaping colder climates.
  • Variety of fish species: As mentioned before, Arizona offers a diverse range of fish species suitable for fly fishing,each with its own seasonality. This allows anglers to target different fish throughout the year.

Growing fly fishing community:

  • Guide services and shops: Phoenix has a growing number of experienced fly fishing guides and shops offering guided trips, lessons, and equipment rentals. This makes it easier for newcomers to get started and experienced anglers to explore new waters.
  • Tournaments and events: Various fly fishing tournaments and events are held in Arizona throughout the year,attracting anglers from across the country and fostering a vibrant local community.

Overall appeal:

  • Combination of fishing and outdoor activities: Phoenix offers a unique blend of fly fishing opportunities with other outdoor activities like hiking,camping, and rock climbing. This makes it a well-rounded destination for outdoorsy travelers.
  • Accessibility and affordability:Compared to some other fly fishing destinations, Phoenix is relatively affordable and easily accessible by air and car. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious anglers.

While Phoenix might not have the traditional image of a fly fishing mecca, its diverse fishing opportunities, mild climate, growing community, and overall appeal are making it a more prominent destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.



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