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Published On: December 28, 2023Fishing

Can fish fly?

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Can fish fly? Lo Water Guide Service - Phoenix, AZ

While some fish appear to fly, they aren't actually flying in the true sense. There are two main cases to consider:

1. Flying Fish: These remarkable creatures have large, elongated pectoral fins that act like wings, allowing them to glide for impressive distances (up to 650 feet!) after launching themselves out of the water at high speeds. However, they cannot flap their fins like birds or true flying animals, so they rely on momentum and wind resistance to stay airborne. Think of them as skilled jumpers with exceptional gliding abilities.

2. Other Gliding Fish: Other species, like the Pacific flying squid and the colugo (flying lemur), have membranes or flaps that enable them to glide from tree to tree or across short distances. While technically not fish, they exhibit similar principles of gliding without true powered flight.

In summary, while some fish and marine creatures can glide through the air using specialized fins or membranes, they cannot truly fly in the same way as birds or animals with flapping wings. They rely on momentum, wind resistance, and gliding techniques for their aerial feats.

So, although the term "flying fish" is widely used, it's important to remember they are more like expert gliders than true flyers. They offer a fascinating example of adaptation and the diverse ways animals navigate their environment.



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