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May 23, 2022

Bartlett lake bass on a fly

We are entering the time of year when bass are super active on top water in the dusk hours. Which is oerfect as we are in the triple digit days. Dont let the hot weather fool you, this is my favorite time if the year to fish! 
Start the day by throwing white or shad colored poppers. You really have to find the boils and get the fly in front of the pursuing bass. 
once you stop seeing boils, swich to a streamer. Bartlett is notorious for Silverside Shad, these shad have a green hue and a very distinct lateral line. Be sure to use a fly that replicates this, as these bass can be particular. Fish a retireve that really show the fly off. A hungry bass is gonna hit a foy at any pace, if it wants it bad enough. Good luck and let me know how it goes