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Meet Your Guide

Guide Derek Rivchin, a seasoned angler with Lo Water Guide Service, epitomizes expertise in navigating the diverse fishing landscapes of Phoenix, Arizona. With years of experience honing his craft on the waters of the Southwest, Derek possesses an intimate knowledge of local fish behavior, seasonal patterns, and prime fishing spots. His passion for angling is infectious, ensuring each trip with Lo Water Guide Service is not only productive but also educational and enjoyable. Whether casting lines on serene lakes or navigating the winding rivers, Derek offers tailored excursions targeting a variety of species including bass, trout, and catfish, promising anglers an unforgettable fishing experience in the heart of the Arizona desert. Derek's commitment to providing a personalized adventure extends beyond simply catching fish; he shares insights into conservation practices, fishing techniques, and the natural beauty of the region, enriching the experience for every participant. Under Derek's guidance, anglers embark on journeys that not only fulfill their fishing aspirations but also deepen their appreciation for the diverse ecosystems that thrive in Phoenix's arid landscape.

Vehicle information

The Aluminum Jon Skiff is a versatile and durable watercraft designed for navigating shallow waters with ease, making it an ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts exploring Phoenix's diverse aquatic habitats. With its lightweight yet sturdy construction, this skiff offers stability and maneuverability, allowing anglers to access secluded fishing spots unreachable by larger vessels. Equipped with innovative features like the Flobot, a specialized flotation system, the Aluminum Jon Skiff ensures safety and peace of mind, enabling anglers to focus on their pursuit of the perfect catch amidst the picturesque landscapes of Phoenix, Arizona.